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Stolen Horse International introduces a new line of security products:
Warning: Horse Owner Awareness

SHI is always researching and developing ideas to bring horse owners affordable, effective products that will aid in protecting property and animals from theft. And SHI is proud to announce the W.H.O.A. product line that we believe offers just that.
Currently, orders are only being accepted on the product listed, but SHI will soon have other products and packages available. If you wish to order one of these signs in conjunction with Microchips, please view those available packages at this link: Microchip Packages
If you have any questions before placing your order or comments/suggestions, please send us an email:
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Brandy , Thoroughbred, Mare, Dark Brown, 4, 1000 lbs., 15.2, Lip tattoo D22556
Honky Tonk , Thoroughbred, Mare, Chestnut, 5, 1000 lbs., 15.2, tattoo on upper lip C35738

Please contact: Robert Lyn-Kee-Chow, 561-312-4788

Please see the information for help! STOLEN 3/12/07 - 2 Registered Miniature Horse Mares in Umatilla, FL on Monday, March 12, 2007 at 6 pm. One is in foal, the other had foaled that day, foal was not taken and died. $1,000 REWARD for information for apprehension and conviction of the thief/thieves!

RECOVERED 1/10/06 - STOLEN HORSES IN OCALA, FL - NetPosse received a call from Florida on Tuesday, Jan. 10th, from the owner of "Murph" and "Sunday", a Haflinger pony and Quarter Horse gelding that were stolen Sunday, December 18, 2005 after the pasture fence was cut. The two horses were led onto I- 75 before vanishing. When recovered approximately 90 miles from home, Murph was in good shape, and it appears he was being prepared for sale. Unfortunately, the stress took its toll on Sunday, and he will need time to gain weight and fully recover. The details of this particular success story cannot be released at this time pending further investigation, but suffice it to say, that Murph and Sunday’s discovery provides a great deal of hope to other Florida horse owners. Since Dec. 2004, four other pairs of horses have been stolen in Florida. Their reports are available under NetPosse’s "Stolen Horses" listings.. Info Flyer here!

FOUND - Thank you for helping. Sunny has been found down the road from the boarding barn. Apparently got chased out of his pasture by owner's stallion...eventually ended up in woods behind neighbor's house. Has cuts and scrapes...but other than that appears to be ok.
- Sept 22, 05 - Ocala, FL - Columbian Paso Fino, 5 yr old gelding from Silver Springs/Ocala boarding barn, FL. Butterscotch Buckskin, with black mane/tail/legs a little while on back pasterns/in mane, small star on forehead. May have dapples. Reported to us by boarding barn as to have just been "walked" out the gate last night. Please contact: Tammy or Brian Peachey at 239-229-2594 or email: or the Marion County Sheriff's office at 352-369-6700 -

STOLEN - 7/22/05 - Live Oak/White Oak, FL - Quarter Horse and Paint stolen when pasture fence cut

Baby Face: 4 year old Sorrel Overo Paint Horse Mare with bald face, two blue eyes, 4 white stockings, flaxen mane & tail. Stolen with Macey Lynn 7/22/05

Macey Lynn: Live Oak - 4 year old dark Sorrel Quarter Horse with white star on forehead. Stolen with Baby Face 7/22/05

STOLEN -Mickey was found 8/30/05 - Mikey, the Miniature is missing from Deland, FL 8/24/05. Three days after Mickey, an award-winning miniature horse, vanished from the back of a local residence, its 6-year-old owner, Kiley Wannick, is still wondering what happened to her horse

STOLEN - "Jirah", Arabian/Paint, Grey (Ghost Paint) - Horse was taken from his stall at Pas De Deux Farm in Pinellas Park, FL on Jan. 19, 2005 - INFO HERE!

Miniature Stallion, black & white, STOLEN in Ocala, FL on December 2, 2004.
Please look at this information to see if you have seen this horse!

4 years, weight: 350 lbs, height: 38" at withers
identifiable characteristics: 
* Forelock black and front part of mane black the rest is white, 
* four white socks with differing lengths, 
* calm laid back stallion, can drive and ride

"Please help me find him, he is my children's favorite because he is so sweet and laid back", pleads Kari Corritore.

Norman - Stolen, Homestead, FL - $1,500 Reward!
Stolen 4 year old Thoroughbred with Jockey Club tattoo C-09792 upper lip, 16.1 hh, dark Bay. Please take a look at flyer and post in your barn, neighborhood, local businesses etc. Pass this on to others and ask them to do the same. Norman and his owner Mary need your help.
Please contact Mary Bonnen - and show her your support. Just a word in an email gives so much hope.

Stolen in Hudson, FL on April 16, 2003 - "Hondo" (7 year old Quarter Horse Gelding, Sorrel Chestnut) and "Jublee" (11 year old Arabian Gelding, Sorrel Chestnut)- Click on the link for their flyer. Have you seen these horses?


Ten year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding stolen from Green Acres Ranch in Royse City, Texas on 2/05/02.

Chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail, having white marking on lower lip and "tornado" shaped blaze. 15.2 hands.

Please contact:
Betsy Crawford at 972-278-6962 (Home) or 214-674-5249 (Cell)
or: Rockwall County Sheriff's Dept: 972-882-0300 Case #20020113

STOLEN on January 22, 2003 in West Palm Beach, FL/Wellington - RECOVERED MARCH 1 with arrest of local veterinarian, Cathy Crighton! Story from The Palm Beach Post - Two other horses stolen in Illinois were recovered also.
SanDiego - Oldenburg, Gelding, Dark Bay, 14 years old, 16.2hh

Help Find Stolen Horse - "Aria" - Gray Warmblood/Thoroughbred Mare
This horse was stolen in December2002 in Iowa but could be anywhere in the United States. With the recent activities in Florida we have reason to believe she may be there or associated with someone who frequents the area. Please take a look at the flyer and see if you know where any horses meeting this description may be that were bought after December 10, 2002.
If so please call Stolen Horse International at 704-484-2165 or email or visit to see other missing horses.

"Never underestimate the power of one"

Please contact Ballard's:


Please submit your information and photos,
so that we can get out the information.
This is a free service.

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