Horse Health: Horse Sense With Magnetics

By Linda Greenlaw

Recently, there have been some very good articles on magnetics for horses, yet I still hear people asking me to simplify magnetics, from the complex medical and scientific explanations, to an easier to understand explanation. There is also confusion from some of the claims that have been made, on both sides of the pain relief question, as well as from the different magnetic companies.

I have found through my own discussions with hundreds of Farriers, Vets, Trainers, Medical Doctors and Ph.D's, that a simple, 'common-sense' approach to magnetic therapy on horses is necessary. Many horse people want to use magnetics on their horses. Their problem has been with different claims made about magnetics, and how to use them. Or, some have spoken to others, and heard some things about magnetics, and want to know more about this therapy, and why it is slightly different for horses compared to humans.

To begin with, I am a former Champion equestrian, from New England, that has become partially disabled (not from horses). I went through a 'song and dance' with my doctor and her long list of anti-inflammatories (or NSAID's). I just happen to have an Encyclopedia about prescription drugs, and I would look up everything she gave me. Wouldn't you know it? These NSAID's were the same thing horses get, in a different body weight dose. Now I know how the horses feel! I had been treated like a horse, by my Doctor!

Soon after that, I decided to put 'horse-sense' into my own medical care and physical therapy program (as I was very disillusioned with my doctors). I have stopped taking NSAID's for over three years. I get Acupuncture from an RN, I go to a Chiropractor, and most importantly, I use magnetics every day. The difference in the quality of my life has been like day and night!

Now I am the kind of horse-lover that tends to translate from 'horse' to 'people' you see, horses are people to me! I have found in my own research, for my own health, that NSAID's can actually make Arthritic type pain worse, over long term use. For me, the NSAID's knotted my guts so much, it made my back pain worse! Imagine how this must affect horses that are sensitive to colic! That can kill a horse! What also causes me concern, is that the area that knots up on a horse, is around where you sit when you ride.

I have also found that in both horses and people, most have found faster healing and greater pain relief with magnetics,rather than with these drugs (and without the side effects).For the stronger, healthier, uninjured individuals, with no pain, they may not notice or feel anything. That is because magnetics only do what is needed, to properly align cells. If there is nothing wrong, the magnetic will only serve to pull proper nutrients to the area, as well as serve to keep the muscles and soft tissue loose. If there is nothing wrong, the magnetics are neutral (in non-toxic dose).

Horses, of course, are different from people. We humans can dissipate heat much faster than horses (dissipate means sweat more efficiently). Also, both horses and humans have red blood cells, with metals in the blood, that are pulled by the magnets. Thus a faster blood flow opens the blood vessels, removing toxins from the affected area, while rushing oxygen and nutrients to this area, as well as more blood flow (for poor circulation conditions).

The stronger the magnetic gauss, the hotter the area will become, with the stronger blood flow. Therefore, with horses not able to dissipate heat as well as humans, horses need extra care in the timing, placement and gauss strength used. The hoof in particular, needs extra caution, as it is well known that horses can not tolerate heat or excessive moisture in their hoof, as conditions such as founder, laminitis and thrush can develop.

From my one-to-one research, I have found many Master Farriers, telling me about their experiences with magnetics and Navicular-type problems. There was concern about both implanting a magnet into a hole in the hoof, and with the non-invasive, external use of magnetics, being too strong (or too hot) for the hoof. There is a common-sense solution to putting magnetic therapy on a horse, especially around the hoof area. Let me tell you about my new invention, POWER PADS, magnetic hoof pads (which are accepted by the USET, for team horses).

I worked with Master Farriers from the very beginning of my magnetic hoof pad idea, to make the best product possible. The New England Farriers, that tried my pads on their horses, told me "it causes the hoof to grow more RESINOUS"! At first, I did not understand why these Farriers were excited about this. After a while I found out why. It would be a non-invasive way to correct the dry, cracked hoof problem, sore heels and many more conditions, with its support, shock absorption and low gauss magnetics. Thanks to Master Farrier John Blombach's kind suggestions, POWER PADS design makes 'horse-sense'.

Power Pads are also an injury prevention (much like a sneaker is for a child in sports), to maintain a healthy horse. They can be used with other hoof pads, wedges or other higher gauss magnetics at the the same time. You see, POWER PADS are fairly flexible, they combine different ideas that have worked separately in the past - together in one hoof pad. You can actually say "POWER PADS are so high-tech, they're old fashioned"!

There are several design varieties in the planning stages, including one especially for horses racing on dirt tracks, as well as arthritic horses. There are many more success stories, already and with POWER PADS, a 100% success rate in "Field Testing". The "Field Test" horses had the most severe Navicular problems I could find. One horse was even scheduled to be euthanised. I did not use any sound horses.

One of the best times to use magnetic therapy on horses is before or after riding, or during trucking or handling. On the way to a show, I'm sure your horse would perform calmer (and more relaxed, or comfortable) and thus give you a better performance. I know I feel more relaxed and comfortable when I use my magnetics for my own arthritic pains, than when I must go without them.

There have been many discussions on what type of magnetic fields work best (whether using bi-polar or uni-polar magnetics work best). With bi-polar, you can use either side of the magnet. With uni-polar, you must be sure NOT to put the positive side to the pain point. From my own research, both work very well. As a matter of fact, ANY Non-toxic gauss strength of magnetics will help, to varying degrees.(See magnetics chart).

Without testing to prove out this question, and other questions about magnetics, I feel it is wiser to play it safe with magnetic gauss strength, until it all proves out on paper. It has been considered safe to not go too high in gauss strength. I have heard of success with using up to 1290 gauss on VERY short treatments. I have also had success on with my own Bursitis in my wrists, with the magnetics my invention uses (under 100 gauss).

* Work with a professional when using magnetics, whether Farrier, Vet or other equine care taker, or at least consult one.

* Two short treatments a day, before and after riding are usually plenty.

* Good to use while trucking, the horse should arrive calmer and more comfortable.

* Good to use while working on your horse in the cross-tie, they should be calmer.

Below is a list of Do's and Don'ts as a "Rule of Thumb" for Magnetic use:


* Never use Magnetics over an open wound, it will weep and bleed more
* Never exercise a horse with a high gauss magnetic on, damage could result.


* Leave your POWER PADS on and put on the higher strength magnetics for a short period of time, per application, then take off the higher strength magnetics.
* Use care in the length of time and strength of magnetics used.


Low Strength - Under 100 Gauss
Medium Strength - From 100 to 500 Gauss
High Strength - From 500 to 800 Gauss
Very High Strength - From 800 to 1290 Gauss
Anything over these strengths could be very toxic and harmful for your horse!

For the sake of simplicity and reference I have put together a list of magnetic, hoof care and holistic product companies, most have "800" numbers:

A1's Tack Supply - Magnetics (NJ) (800) 733-8225
Back in the Saddle - Trail Equipment (CO) (800) 865-2475
Equine Magnetic Therapy - BIOFLEX magnetics (WA) (800) 731-8463
Equi-ternatives - Magnetics & Holistics (FL) (800) 257-6777
The Tackeria - Magnetic Fetlock Rings (FL) (800) 882-7656
NIKKEN Magnetics - (CT) (203) 438-9309 (MT) (406) 458-5229 (NM) (505) 344-5747
KERETEX HOOF HARDENER by Dr. Rick Redden, DVM (KY) (606) 873-5543
VERSA-FIT Hoof Pad, Glues a shoe on (NJ) (800) 872-6845
The Wise Old Nag - Trail & Holistics (CO) (800) 788-5307

If you have any questions or have some companies that should be on my list, please write to us.

Aquila Equine Enhancement Products, Inc.
Linda Greenlaw
85 Pine Street
Stoneham, MA 02180


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