Cyberfoal Colostrum Appeal!

Foaling season has begun throughout North America & Europe and again colostrum is in demand. Cyberfoal is now the major resource to locating this valuable commodity, but without the support of media and each other many foals will be deprived. Your support is appreciated.
For our foals less fortunate!
Peter J. Hurst.

Join The Cyberfoal Initiative! is a free service initiated in Alberta, Canada by Peter J. Hurst, a breeding manager concerned in the loss of mares and foals during foaling season, his experience within the breeding profession led to the free service of Cyberfoal and since 1997 this site has become a renowned Internet connection to the breeding industry.

Many breeders have successfully helped each other via Cyberfoal by locating nurse mares having lost their own foals at birth to accommodate orphan foals in need.

The Cyberfoal service offers breeders the opportunity to submit and request colostrum, that is possibly the most used page on the site.

Cyberfoal has recently included an equine evac page, allowing horse owners to view and submit temporary accommodation to their horses in the event of a disaster. Since the fires of British Columbia, California and Europe in 2003 many horses faced homeless situations.

Your support to the Cyberfoal initiative will help us achieve the urgent help these horses require!

Cyberfoal asks for no financial assistance, only that we support each other by offering a mare to an orphan, colostrum to a foal deprived and a home to a horse evacuated.

Give them back the trust they freely give to us, by making an effort to contact:-

We thank you for helping us to help each other!

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