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Bolero's Memorial Page

Horse Prayer -
Author Unknown

Dearest God in Heaven,
give me strength to guide my horse. 
Make my hands soft and my head clear. 
Let my horse understand me and I him. 
My heart, you have blessed with a special love of these animals,
let me never lose sight of it. 
My soul, you have gifted with a deep need for them,
let that need never lessen. 
Always, let my breath catch as the sun gleams on an elegant head.
  Always, may my throat  tighten at the sound of a gentle nicker.
  Let the scent of fresh hay and a new bag of grain always be sweet to me.
  Let the warm touch of a warm nose on my hand always bring a smile.
  I adore the joy of a warm day on the farm. 
The grace and splendor of a running horse, the thunder of its hooves
makes my eyes burn and my heart soar, let it always be so.
  Dearest God, grant me patience, for horses are harnessed wind
and wind can be flighty.  Let me not frighten or harm them,
instead show me ways to understand them. 
Above all, Dear God, fill my life with them. 
When I pass from this world, send my soul to no heaven without them.
  For this love you have given me graces my existence
and I shall cherish it and praise You for it for all time.


"We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.."

Photo: Christine Tchir


FLORIDA HORSE.COM was inspired
by my most treasured and beloved friend

"You were the joy of my life and the light
of every day. I miss you so terribly.
I cried when you passed away. I still cry today.
Although I loved you dearly, I couldn't make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hooves at rest.
God broke my heart to prove to me
He only takes the best."

I lost "BOBO", after 14 years together,
after he had inexplicably fractured his left shoulder
in his pasture and we were unable to save him.

He made every day worth getting up for,
knowing that he
would greet me with a nicker and a nuzzle.

For all our friends who have ever lost a special friend,
I would like to offer a poem
which was sent to me to give me comfort.

In "BoBo's" memory, I have added this page
for everyone to remember their lost companions.

Hug your animal friends today!

Ingrid H. Ravel

Where to Bury a Horse
- Author Unknown

If you bury him in this spot, the secret of which you must already have,
he will come to you when you call;
come to you over the far, dim pastures of death.
And though you ride other living horses through life they shall not shy at him, nor resent his coming.
For he is yours, and he belongs there.
People may scoff at you, who see no lightest blade of grass bent by his footfall,
who hear no nicker pitched too fine for insensitive ears.
People who may never really love a horse.
Smile at them then, for you shall know something that is hidden from them
and which is well worth knowing...
The one place to bury a horse is in the heart of his master.


Time To Strut Your Stuff aka "Bud"
? - 2009

Beloved Quarter Horse and amazing show companion.

You will live in my heart forever.


In Memory of Vegas Cash
born 1978 -Sept.10 2005

You where a grand champion..
your memory will always bring us great joy
and a profound sadness.

A great Indian Pony..
you taught us so much it will always
be our distinct honor to have had you as part of our family.
We will always love you..
The Allison Family

1993 - October 25, 2006

I miss the look of surrender in your eyes - The way your soft chestnut mane would fall
I miss the power of your nuzzle when we played, but Daron, most of all - I miss my friend - The one my heart and soul confided in - The one I felt the safest with - The one who knew just what to do to make me laugh again - And let the light back in - I miss my friend
I miss the colors that you brought into my life - Your golden tail, those big brown eyes - -I miss your gentle winnie in lonely times, like now, telling me it'll be alright - I miss my friend
The one my heart and soul confided in - The one I felt the safest with - The one who knew just what to do to make me laugh again And let the light back in - I miss my friend
I miss those times of grooming you - I miss those nights I kissed your nose and hugged you - I even miss the hugging you and telling you how muched I loved you - The mornings looking in the window - And those late afternoon feed time nickers at the fence - I miss my friend - The one my heart and soul confided in - The one I felt the safest with.

I Love You Daron. You were my best friend, my world, my Baby Boy.
May You Rest In Peace, Baby.


SHILLEM - "Casey"
May 1984 - October 13, 2006

Shillem was his registered name with the Arabian Horse Association, but as a baby he was so mischievous, he was renamed "Casey". Casey is and was so very special to me and he taught me a great deal. Whether we were just trail riding or showing Western or Dressage, he loved what he was doing and did it with such style! He was always there for me in good times and bad and I'll always miss him

Casey was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (which is rare in horses his age) in April and given three months, but his spirit, determination and devotion kept him going for 6 months. He never showed any signs of discomfort or pain and was always happy to see me. He was bossing his "herd" around until the end. He let me know Thursday evening that he was ready to cross the bridge and it was with great sadness that the decision was made to let him go. On Friday morning, he was laid to rest with "P", my pony gelding who helped raise him.

The horses I have left have pretty big "shoes" to fill.
Casey, you'll always and forever be my best boy!

Jennifer Brock


Although we were only able to love you for a short time,
we will never forget you.

You brought us so much joy and happiness.

You were the friendliest foal we ever knew
and you will be in our hearts forever.

The Imparato Family


May 3, 1984 to August 1, 2006

Goodbye Cricket 
With heavy hearts and a tear in our eyes,
after all these years, we must say goodbye.
Please understand, we've done all we could,
if there was anything we could do, you know we would.
I'm sitting right here, gently rubbing your ears,
while I talk to you softly, trying to hold back the tears.
The memories you gave us, we'll never forget,
especially the ones of the day we all met.
One last hug and one last kiss,
you have no idea how much you'll be missed.
To look into your eyes this one last time,
you tell me it's ok...you know it's your time.
Close your eyes now  and go to sleep.
We'll pray to the Lord, your soul he'll keep.
Go in peace now, our good friend,
We'll stay right here with you, until the end.
Dream of that special day and time,
when we'll meet at the Bridge and all will be fine.
We'll run and play side-by-side,
with a soft warm feeling deep down inside.
Your memory will live on in each one of us..
You'll always be number one to all of us.
Have a safe journey through the night.
I promise when you awake, you'll be in God's light.
So with heavy hearts and tears in our eyes,
just for now my friend....we say goodbye.

Ken & Lauren Blackburn


We lost our best friend on May 6, 2006.

Cowboy was his name and giving you the rear view was his game.
The cart that he pulled was a pleasure to him because it made all the little grandbabies grin
and as he tucked his chin and high stepped his feet you could feel him smile as far down within his feet.
As the harness came off and his cart was put away, Cowboy would enjoy eating his hay.
He has moved onto greener pastures. And we can see plain as day pulling that golden cart in heavens way.
We will miss you so much, Cowboy. If you only knew the place you will hold in every persons heart that ever had the privelage to know you.
You are missed but will never be forgotten. May you rest safe in God's hands.
We will forever love you. Till we meet again my friend.
Love Always
Bev & George

2004 - 11/19/2005

Copper didn't even have a chance to do everything I had planned for him in his life.  He would be turning 2 in the spring of 2006. 

Tragically he was attacked by dogs on November 19, 2005 and there wasn't anything that could be done to save him.  I had to make the decision to have him humanely euthanized.  A part of me died that day. 

You see, Copper was a therapy horse. He helped mentally and physically handicapped people by letting them brush him and walk him around.  He was only 29" tall (yes, inches).  I got to see many people overcome obstacles through him. I am completely devastated by his loss. It has been two months since his death and I can't even get through writing this without breaking down.  He was a true hero.  He has truly inspired me to go on doing horse therapy in his name.  Someday I will own another mini, but never another Copper.  It's hard to believe that his purpose had been fulfilled so soon. And what a wonderful purpose it was...

"I will see you again soon, my friend, I know you will be waiting for me at the gates."

Melissa Martin, Arcadia, FL

Dew Berry, affectionately known as "Baby"
7/23/2003 - 9/5/2005

Our precious little Tennessee Walker rescue came to us at the end of May 2005 as an undernourished two year old. She fought valiantly to live and she had a wonderful 3 months of life with us. We learned so much from her and she learned to trust again. We miss her very much.

"If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever"
Author Unknown

richard borst

Strunan - Arabian Gelding

Strunan became part of my life when I was 13 years old. He was my lesson horse and I also showed him. Even though I had some tough lessons with him, when my parents granted my biggest wish, to have my very own horse when I was 16, I wanted Strunan.
So, Strunan became my best friend. When I moved from NJ to Florida, Strunan came with me. I told him everything. (I hope horses don't gossip in heaven) We both adjusted to our new surroundings, except for one little thing. Strunan never could get past those Florida lizards.
When I made the decision to return to NJ in March of 2005, Strunan made the trek along with me again. It was great being back home. I watched him play in the snow again, and saw his breath in the cold air.
Unfortunately, one week later, on Easter Sunday, my best friend was put down.
I truly believe that Strunan is with his horsey buddies, eating all the green grass and sweet feed that he can get his mouth on. And I hope that he is waiting to meet me one day so we can ride off together on a new adventure.
I love you Strunan and you can never be replaced.

Lora Cherepy

April 18, 1996-March 29, 2004

Ronnie was the sweetest horse I ever had the pleasure to meet.

He was all heart and tried so much to please.
He was a very loving horse and I miss him very much.
I lost him to a very painful colic.

I know he's waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge and
I look forward to being reunited with him some day.

Traci Holland



Your tour completed, take your place
Among the legends of your race;
Who long have soared to higher climes,
Their shadows only left behind.

Ascend like Pegasus the sky
And join their stellar company
While every place you've ever been
Your life continues on again.


Whiskey River 1972-2001
Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding
(Easy Jet x Hy Flight Deck by Top Deck)

On October 23, 2001, our 29 yr old gelding was put down. His name was Whiskey River. About 20 years ago my step dad bought him as a working cow horse, mainly to rope off of. He stood about 14.3-15h and at the time weighed about 1300lbs. He rode him for about a year then gave him to his oldest son who had him for at least 6 years, after that his son gave him to a family who had small children and wanted to learn how to ride. He stayed there until we lost track of them. Now, about a year ago, we stopped by the local ASPCA to see if they had any nice dogs to adopt. Just out of the blue we decided to pull in there that day, we weren't really planning to. And, low and behold, who stood in the back of their one stall barn, but Whiskey! Old and beat up, he had bad ringbone on his right front and the looks of an old bowed tendon, he couldn't have weighed more that 1000lbs. The poor guy walked ever so slowly into my brand new trailer that we had bought the day before. He was the first horse to ride in it. We took him home and fed him, gave him free turn out. After a while he was walking better. But, a few months ago, things took a turn for the worst he lost weight and started becoming extreamly sore to walk. After having the vet out many times it just wasn't getting better. As of Sunday night, he stopped eating, he wouldn't even touch his hay. I think he was trying to tell us that he wanted to move on. So, we called the vet out one last time. And as he closed his eyes, a better song could not have been playing on the radio than Vince Gill's "Go Rest High on That Mountain" If you have not heard that song, i suggest you listen to it. It is very touching and could not have been playing at a better time. I hope that he is in a better place now running as fast as he can through those greener pastures.






??? - 9/10/01

Literknot was never mine, and even though I promised him I would own him...my promise was broken.
On 09/11/01 I was told that he had been humanely euthanized do to a stomach rupture.
The day that so many people lost so much...I didn't get a chance to mourn. So this is for him...in place of my promise. I made a new one. That I wouldn't ever forget him...and that I would always love him. He taught me more in the 3 years I knew and loved him then any horse ever has.
From the moment I saw him, dirty,scared and aggressive, I knew we were meant for each other. He was about 10 years old and didn't know anything about English riding. I taught him to trust me as well as train him as a hunter and in return...he taught me to trust him...and together we taught each other to love.
When we first started he hadn't been ridden in 2 years, didn't know his leads or how to jump. We went through days that I couldn't stand being on him another second and days I never wanted to get off. He was never very loving and was actually a rather mean son of a gun, but I knew that he loved and trusted me...even if he didn't always show it. He was never very fancy or flashy, he was just my baby Literknot. And for that, I can never thank him enough.

I Love You Liter,

Liz Goldberg at Wizba@prodigy.net

Blopo's Night 4/1983-2/14/2001

Cocoa - A Good Friend Lost

Hi, my name is Melanee and for the last month have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a foal by my AQHA/APHA stallion Tuff Decisions, out of my beautiful TB mare Blopo's Night (Cocoa). We sat waiting day and night until finally on her 368th day of pregnancy, the vet induced labour. After four hours of hard labour, he had to sacrifice the beautiful grey filly to try and save Cocoa. But my mare was traumatized physically, and two days later, at 5pm on Valentine's Day, Cocoa gave up her fight and passed away. Mother and filly are now buried in our pasture.

"Cocoa" was a beautiful black Bay California-bred Thoroughbred, who began her life as a turf sprinter, then was retrained as a dressage horse and jumper. She was wonderful with children and became a great lesson horse. Her bloodlines traced back to the great Man O' War. We will all miss her dearly, she was a special member of our family. We will be adding a memorial page for her on our website. http://equitania.cjb.net

If responding to this email, please reply to equitania5@hotmail.com

June 2, 1989 - June 22, 2000

This is our beloved mare, "Starring Michelle".

She was a Thoroughbred mare. I got "Michelle" on June 2nd, 1996 for my daughter who was 10 years old at the time. It was her first Thoroughbred. Danielle was in Pony club in St Croix US Virgin Islands and she and "Michelle" clicked so well they became the best of friends.

"Michelle" would do anything for Danielle and you could see how much they both loved each other. Going to the beach was "Michelle's" favorite so Danielle and "Michelle" would ride along the beach and even swim together. Danielle would stand on "Michelle's" rump and dive off into the water and even swim between her legs underwater. "Michelle" was so wonderful, she would just stand so still and not move when Danielle was under her legs in the water.

We miss "Michelle" so very much and loved her with all our hearts.
We moved to Florida in the spring of 2000 and left "Michelle" in the Caribbean with our farrier because she was in foal. We were making arangements to have her shipped to Florida to be with us, but on June 22nd we got that call that just broke our hearts forever. Our farrier went to check on "Michelle" and he found her lying in the hay dead. "Michelle" went into labor early and started to foal during the night and had problems.

The love of our life was no longer with us. Our hearts are broken forever, still to this day.

"Michelle was one in a Million and there will never be another mare like her. We hope to someday buy another horse to love as much as we loved her.

May she rest in peace and always know how much we loved her and miss her.



If you would like to remember a beloved horse or pony companion,
just send us a photo as a .gif or .jpeg with the text you would like to have
and we will post if here at no charge.

However, we would appreciate if if you would make a small donation to your
favorite animal charity instead.


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