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Three things are evident about those who want to continue the slaughter of horses testing positive for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA).

1. They want to continue making easy money.

2. Theyıve accepted the "fear instead of facts" campaign of federal and state governmental agencies.

3. They simply donıt have much information.

Veterinarians, as a group and as individuals, arenıt saying anything about our national EIA eradication program. First they want to continue pulling blood for Coggins testing. Itıs profitable. Donıt let anyone tell you differently. If it wasnıt profitable theyıd stop doing it. (A couple of people have written to tell me how cheap the test is. Well goodie, goodie. The last charge I had for a Coggins test was $45. An annual outlay by horsemen of $314 million for Coggins testing ainıt cheap. And I can tell you if the Coggins test is a "loss leader", then they are making up the loss with other charges.)

Veterinarians want to continue making money from Coggins testing, so while some will tell you face to face the EIA eradication program is a waste of time and not needed, they wonıt say it publicly and officially.

Well, itıs time they did. Itıs time veterinarians spoke out publicly and admitted there is no significant threat from Equine Infectious Anemia.

Continued silence by individuals and veterinary groups is confirmation their only interest is protecting their income.

A veterinarian, responding to an "article he read," wanted to make some comments on the subject. Did he present any facts about the number of horses dying from EIA, or the number he treated annually, or the great threat EIA is to the horse population of this nation?


Basically he whined about how big an investment he had in his equine hospital and how much time and effort he had to expend just to be able to do Coggins testing. Then he whined about how much paper work was involved and how he didnıt agree with every EIA rule and regulation.

Did he offer any changes or solutions to the problems. No! He just wants to continue the ineffective governmental fear nonsense even knowing it isnıt going to protect horses from the disease.


For the money.

Well, itıs okay with me if he keeps doing the Coggins test. As long as the test isnıt mandatory and the killing of horses which test positive is stopped.

How does the fear campaign work and why do people accept it?

It works by using scare words without facts.

Governmental agencies constantly say, "EIA is a major threat."

But none ever say what the threat is. They donıt say it kills so many horses per year, because they donıt now many it kills. They donıt know how many it kills, because it kills so few, itıs not significant.

Instead, they use fear. "It could be your horse, infected by someone elseıs horse, which suffers from EIA," they say. "We have to protect your horse."

So how do they protect your horse? They donıt, they havenıt, they wonıt, they canıt. Instead they kill your friendıs healthy, useful show horse who has never shown signs of EIA and who couldnıt infect your horse. They kill that horse to prove there is a threat, because as long as there is a threat, they can continue to make money.

Finally, we have those who simply donıt have any information.

Unfortunately, a lot of them are horsemen and the rest of them are the politicians who allow this mass murder of horses.

I have talked with a lot of horsemen who know about Coggins tests, but donıt have the facts about EIA. These are the horsemen who must make the effort to learn, then educate others. These are the horsemen who can make a difference.

I havenıt yet talked to a single legislator who actually knew anything about EIA. I havenıt yet talked with a single legislator who actually knew his or her state killed horses which tested positive for EIA. I havenıt yet talked with a single legislator who even cared.

Why donıt they care?

Because itıs too much effort to care.

When will they care? When horsemen know about EIA and become a threat.

What kind of a threat?

The threat of horsemen, as a group and as individuals, saying, "Start caring, or weıre going to vote you out of office."

For a politician, thatıs a threat to their legislative salary and perks.

Thatıs a threat worthy of fear.

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