Weser-Ems Pony Stallion Bred By Highlife Farms Makes History

Orlando, FL -February 1, 2010–

Highlife’s Burberry, a Weser-Ems pony stallion bred by Highlife Farms , has made history as the first U.S. bred Weser-Ems pony to be licensed as a breeding pony. Burberry’s sire is Highlife’s Bodyguard, a Weser-Ems German Riding Pony that stands at Highlife Farms, home to world class sport horses and one of the country’s most prominent breeding farms.

Highlife’s Burberry, a Weser-Ems pony stallion bred by Highlife Farms
Photo: Courtesy of Highlife Farms

“It is really exciting to have bred a pony that turns out to achieve a ‘first ever’ title,” said Joan Sims, who owns the Orlando based Highlife Farms with her husband Kenny. “We sold Burberry to Heather Luing of Whispered Wish Weser-Ems in Ocala and we are so pleased for Heather that Burberry is already in the history books. We knew Burberry was an exceptional pony.”

Highlife Farms is dedicated to enriching the lives and experiences of individuals by producing world-class sport horses. The farm offers many stallions with various bloodlines that date back to early European breeding. “The pedigrees of our stallions, such as Burberry’s sire Highlife’s Bodyguard, have stood the test of time and have created some of the best sport horses in the country today,” Sims said.

One of Highlife’s stallions that has made a name for himself is Prezioso s OLD. The Grand Prix jumper is an Oldenburg approved stallion currently ridden by Olympian Lauren Hough. “Prezioso S is not only athletic but has a sound mind and is beautiful to look at,” Sims said. “Prezioso’s sire is Pilox, who stands at our farm. Pilox’s sire is Pilot, a very important foundation Westphalian stallion.”

In addition to Burberry and Prezioso’s success, Highlife Farms also produces world-class dressage horses. “Joan has an exceptional eye for sport horses and has produced some of the most spectacular horses I have ever seen,” said Olympic dressage rider Lisa Wilcox, who competes Highlife Farm’s Der Euro. “Joan knew early on that crossing good jumping lines with good dressage lines could produce an athletic horse that has it all -- elasticity, expressive gaits, good bone structure and finally good sound character.”

For more information on Highlife Farms, visit their website at www.highlifefarms.com


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